3rd Party Identity Provider Setup With AuthX

Below setup is with respect to OKTA, similar setup can be done with any identity provider which supports SAML 2.0
AuthX Portal: https:admin.authx.com

  1. Navigate to Identity Provider and click on “Add Identity Provider”

  2. Once the Name and description has been updated, click on Save

  3. Once the application has been saved, download the certificate and metadata

  4. Once we enter the details from the metadata, we get the Identity Provider Sign In URL and Log Out URL and the certificate from Okta SAML setup instructions, enter the Sign In and Log out URL in the AuthX portal and upload the certificate

OKTA Admin Portal:

  1. Navigate to Applications and click on “Create App Integration”

  2. Select SAML 2.0 and click on “Next”

  3. Enter the Application name and click on “Next”

  4. From the metadata downloaded from AuthX portal, Enter the Single Sign on URl and SP Entity ID, Name ID format → EmailAddress and Application username → Email
    Once the above fields are updated, click on “Show Advanced Settings”

  5. Upload the certificate downloaded from AuthX portal, Enable the Single Logout and enter the Single Logout URL from the Metadata downloaded from the AuthX portal
    Click on “Next”

  6. If required answer the Feedback questions and click on “Finish”

  7. Click on “Generate new certificate” and navigate to “View SAML setup instructions”

  8. Here, Identity Provider Single Sign-On, Logout URL and Identity Provider Issuer is provided, this should be entered in the AuthX portal along with the downloaded certificate from OKTA

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