AuthX Portal Guide

Account Setup

To start with, let’s create an AuthX account.

1. Go to the AuthX Portal, & click on Signup

2. Fill the details in the signup and make sure to give the valid email id so the activation link will be sent for account activation. Phone number must be minimum 10 digits and all fields are mandatory. After your inputs, click on Create my account

3. Next create your password. While creating a password make sure to follow the Password rules (Click on the info icon for Rules) and click on Continue.

4. Next enter your mobile number. It will be auto populated from signup and if required, you can update the Phone number.

5. Next Activate your account either by scanning the QR code or Generate OTP method. Download Authx app from App store(iOS) or Play store (Android)

6. After scanning the QR code, a green tick mark is generated indicating that company and owner has been created on the AuthX app

7. For Generate OTP method, the registered phone number would have received an OTP. After the OTP input, account will be activated

8. Redirects to Confirm Your Identity page, use the Push or the TOTP options which is enable for the first time to login to dashboard.

9. Dashboard view