AuthX Mobile App Guide

AuthX Mobile App – User Guide

How to install?

  1. Go to App store / Play store and search AuthX

  2. For iOS – Get the app from here,

  3. For Android – Get the app from here,

  4. Click install to get the AuthX app into your phone. You are done!

How to start?

  1. Login to AuthX Admin portal,

  2. Go to Users and add a new user

  3. User would have received an “New User enrollment” email from AuthX

  4. Click to enroll

  5. Set your password for the user

  6. Confirm your phone number

  7. Open AuthX app on your phone, you will see the home screen as below, Click either Login Request link at bottom or + icon at top.

  8. It redirects to QR code page. Scan your QR code from the AuthX portal

  9. Now the account is added successfully on the app, the home page should look like below image.

  10. Either you can use TOTP or PUSH for authenticating your account from mobile app.

    1. TOTP

      1. If you click on your account in the app, you can see the TOTP that gets refreshed for every 30 seconds.

      2. Enter your TOTP in the OTP field (Confirm Your Identity screen) on the AuthX portal in order to get logged in the portal.

    2. Push Notification

      1. You can send a Push notification from the AuthX portal to mobile app, when AuthX app is opened or clicking on the received notification on the phone lock screen would show you login request page as below.

      2. Click on Approve will get you logged in the portal.

      3. Click on Deny will make the login request failed to the user.

  11. After user logged in AuthX, you can enroll your Face through mobile app receiving push notifications for them from the portal. User will receive face request

  12. Click on Approve will take your Face page where you can enroll your Face from the mobile app

  13. Click on Deny will make the login request failed to the user.

  14. After successful enrollment of Face, user pushes a notification for Face authentication through portal. Face request will show up on the mobile app.

    1. On Approve, show your enrolled Face, the authentication would be granted.

  15. Account Deletion

    1. You can delete your account from the app by swiping left

      1. Delete icon will display

      2. On selection, the account gets deleted


This feature is only available for AuthX Windows agent user. For more details refer Remote Device Management document.

App Settings

From the home page, click the hamburger menu on the right top corner which leads to Settings page.

You can manage your security checkup details, App Permissions, About Passcodes & App lock.

Security checkup

  1. Make sure the following details are up to date

    1. iOS version

      1. Option to upgrade the iOS version which redirects to Phone settings

    2. AuthX mobile app

      1. Option to download the new version from App store

    3. Screen lock should be enabled

      1. Additional layer of security for AuthX app – When phone is lost, we will restrict other users to access AuthX app.

    4. Respective device is not jailbroken (iOS)

      1. Not recommended to use jailbroken OS

    5. Respective device is not rooted (Android)

  2. If above mentioned details are not up to date, we will showcase a warning icon on the respective security


  1. We require following permissions to access this AuthX app

    1. Camera

      1. Only if this is enabled, user allowed to scan the QR code for account creation

    2. Notification

      1. Only if this is enabled, user received the Push, Face Push & Palm push notification

    3. Location

      1. Only if this is enabled, we can track your location details

    4. Phone (Android only)

      1. Only if this is enabled, we can access the SMS for account activation

About Passcodes

  1. You can access the passcodes by clicking on the account

  2. It’s a 6 digit passcode and it refresh every 30 seconds.

  3. Passcode will vary for each accounts.

  4. You can see the passcode even without an internet connection

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