AuthX – On Prem Agent updates

Network Diagram:

Configuration Steps:

  1. Log on to the AuthX portal as an administrator. https://admin.authx.com

  2. Navigate to Application Tab a Click on Protect Application (found on top right corner).

  3. Choose LDAP:

    1. Name the application – Random characters allowed

    2. Copy the Application ID, Application URL and Application Key.

    3. Download the LDAP Agent

    4. Save the Application.


4. Open the domain controller and install the LDAP agent application.

5. Open AuthX AD Agent Config

6. Paste the Application ID, Application Key and Application URL.

7. Click on Save Configuration

8. Now, on AuthX admin portal navigate to Applications.

9. Status of the LDAP application should be active.

10. Now, on AuthX admin portal navigate to Directory Sync.

11. Scroll down to find OPENLDAP → Find the directory.

12. Click on the three dots, and click on Sync.

13. In this window, select the required groups and click on Sync Directory now.

14. Users will be added, should check in the User Tab.

Self Service Portal:

  1. Pre-conditions:

    You can refer the hostname in Admin portal

      a. Redirect to Self Service portal, https://admin-hostname.authx.com/selfserviceportal/

b. The respective user can manage their Status Update, Unlock Account, Change Password, Reset        Password & Password Expiry

   c. Select Status Update tile

    1. Provide your On Prem active user email address and click on Ne

    2.  Confirm any of the auth factors
  1.      3.Set the status to Active / Inactive

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