AuthX SAML for Certify Care

Configuration Steps:

Certify Care Portal: https://portal.certifyglobal.net/institution/login

  1. Log on to the Certify Care institution portal as an administrator
  2. Select your institution

  3. Navigate to Settings → Authentication
    1. Enable AuthX SSO
    2. Paste the Manage Application ID, Key, URL & HMAC Key from AuthX portal
    3. Save it

  4. Navigate to Users → System User
    1. Add a new user

    2. Fill in the mandatory details – First name, Last name, Email, Role – Admin, Status – Active, IAM – AuthX IAM

    3. Save the user
    4. The created user should be reflected in AuthX Admin portal → Users
      1. User Source Type: Public API
    5. The created user should receive an email from Care & AuthX to activate & enroll the user
      1. Activate the user in Care from the email
      2. Activate & Enroll the user in AuthX
  5. Log on to the Certify Care login portal as an administrator, https://portal.certifyglobal.net/login/login
  6. Navigate to Institution → Settings

    1. Select the Institution and scroll down
    2. Select SAML Configuration

    3. Paste the Issuer, Identity Provider Login URL and Identity Provider Logout URL from AuthX Portal.

    4. Upload the AuthX certificate
    5. Save it
    6. Alternatively download the metadata from Care portal & upload to AuthX admin portal

AuthX Portal: www.admin.authx.com

  1. Log on to the AuthX portal as an administrator
  2. Navigate to Application Tab and Click on Protect Application (found on top right corner)

  3. Choose Certify Care:
    1. Name the application – Random characters allowed
    2. Choose the Access Management Option Access Management Options
    3. Enter the Institution ID obtained from Certify Care portal
    4. Enter the Entity ID obtained from Certify Care portal ( have to upload metadata from Certify Care portal )
    5. Upload the Certificate downloaded from Certify Care portal
    6. Select Cookie Expiry Cookies Expiry
    7. Select an Attribute
    8. Copy the Issuer, Sign-In and Sign-Out URL, Download the Certificate
    9. Alternatively, we can upload the metadata downloaded from Certify Care
  4.    Save the Application.

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