AuthX SAML For Salesforce

Configuration Steps:

AuthX Portal: www.admin.authx.com

  1. Log on to the AuthX portal as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Application Tab a Click on Protect Application (found on top right corner).
  3. Choose Salesforce:
    1. Name the application – Random characters allowed
    2. Choose the Access Management Option Access Management Options
    3. Enter your Domain name
    4. Select Cookie Expiry Cookies Expiry
    5. Select an Attribute
    6. Enter the Assertion Consumer Service
    7. Enter the Single Logout URL
    8. Upload the certificate which was downloaded from Salesforce Portal
    9. Copy the Sign-In and Sign-Out URL, Download the Certificate
    10. Alternatively we can upload the metadata downloaded from the Salesforce portal
  4.    Save the Application.

Salesforce Portal:

  1. Log on to Salesforce admin portal
  2. Navigate to settings

  3. Search for Single Sign-On settings
  4. Enable SAML
  5. Click on new
  6. Enter the name
  7. Fill in the issuer copied and upload from the AuthX Portal
  8. Select RSA-SHA256 for Request Signature Method
  9. Paste the Login URL from AuthX portal
  10. Check the Single Logout Enabled Box and paste the logout URL
  11. Enter the desired Entity ID
  12. Click on save

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