AuthX SAML For Zoho

Configuration Steps:

AuthX Portal: www.admin.authx.com

  1. Log on to the AuthX portal as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Application Tab a Click on Protect Application (found on top right corner).
  3. Choose Zoho:
    1. Name the application – Random characters allowed
    2. Choose the Access Management Option Access Management Options
    3. Enter your Domain name
    4. Select Cookie Expiry Cookies Expiry
    5. Select an Attribute
    6. Tick the “Do need a logout response” and upload the certificate downloaded on Zoho.
    7. Copy the Sign-In and Sign-Out URL, Download the Certificate.
  4.    Save the Application.

Zoho Portal: www.accounts.zoho.com

  1. Log on to Zoho portal as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Organizations → Saml Authentication
  3. Turn on the Saml Authentication
  4. Download the logout response –> Upload it on the authx portal

5. Click on edit

6. Paste the link Sign-in, Sign-out Url links from AuthX portal (Change password URL is same as the Sign-In URL)

7. Choose Zoho One as the Zoho Service

8. Click on Configure


  1. Make sure the domain name entered in the AuthX admin portal is correct.

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