AuthX User Enrollment Guide

AuthX User Enrollment Guide

  1. Once you have been added into your organization’s AuthX portal, you will receive an email from notification@authx.com. Click on the enrollment link provided in the email to begin the process. If you are unable to locate this email, check your Junk folder or contact your system Admin to resend.

2. Create a password for yourself in the Create a Password page and click on Continue.

3. Enter your mobile number with country code and then click on Continue.

4. On your mobile device, download the AuthX mobile app from the App store or Play store.

5. Activate your account by either scanning the QR code or clicking on Generate OTP.

a. After scanning the QR code, a green check mark is generated indicating that the enrollment on the AuthX app was successful.

b. If choosing the Generate OTP method, you will be redirected to another page asking to enter in a One-Time Passcode that will expire in 30 seconds.

6. You will then be taken to another page to confirm identity. Choose one of the available authentication methods.

7. Once the authentication method has been selected and completed, you will see a success message that enrollment is now complete. If the admin has enabled the User Portal and allowed for User Self-Enrollment, you can continue to add additional forms of authentication methods if needed under the Enrollment section.

8. Once enrolled, head over to the system tray in the bottom right corner and right click on the AuthX icon, then User Configuration.

9. You will then be prompted to further authenticate yourself with the available methods. Once authenticated, you will be directed to your profile page. Click on the Authentication tab to set up more authentication factors.

10. The Authentication page should look like the image below. You can enroll or deactivate authentication methods as needed. You can also enable the Remote Lock from App feature for a quick way to lock and unlock your desktop with the AuthX mobile app.

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