AuthX Windows Agent Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • 8GB RAM, 300 MB Disk space for Installing the windows agent

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC

  • Supported Finger Print Reader – SilkID or Lumidigm

  • Supported RFID Reader – WaveID or HID Omnikey

  • Built-In Camera or External Camera for Face Authentication

Software Requirements

IP and EXE Whitelist

IP’s and Ports to be whitelisted in Web Firewall: 

  • This is applicable if strict policies are enforced for outbound web traffic.  

URL/End point 


Port (TCP) 

AuthX endpoint(*.authx.com) 

Production – 

Demo – 


If using LDAPS

Ports 636 and 3269 

Azure Central US 


Azure East US 



List of applications to be whitelist by Endpoint Protection: 

  • This is applicable if strict policies are enforced by endpoint protection software which restricts the execution of the applications.  

    • AuthX-Windows-Authenticator- has to be whitelisted

The applications can be found in the AUTHX installation path Installed Exe’s: 

  • AuthX.Config.exe 

  • AuthX.Device.Data.exe 

  • AuthX.Device.Service.exe 

  • AuthX.Migrate.exe 

  • AuthX.Svc.exe 

  • AuthX.Win.App.exe 

  • AuthxLogsCollector.exe 

  • AuthXNativeMessagingApp.exe 

  • AuthxServicesMonitor.exe 

  • AuthXupdater.exe 

  • CleanConfigUtility.exe 

  • LaunchCompletionNotifier.exe 

  • LockScreenUtil.exe 

 List of ports to be whitelisted or unblocked in local system 


Port (TCP) 


  • Authx Services listens to commands from its applications on this port at the address 5464. 

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