AuthX Windows Agent Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • 8GB RAM, 300 MB Disk space for Installing the windows agent

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC

  • Supported Finger Print Reader – SilkID or Lumidigm

  • Supported RFID Reader – WaveID or HID Omnikey 5022

  • Built-In Camera or External Camera for Face Authentication

Software Requirements

IP and EXE Whitelist

IP’s and Ports to be whitelisted in Web Firewall: 

  • This is applicable if strict policies are enforced for outbound web traffic.  

URL/End point 


Port (TCP) 

AuthX endpoint(*.authx.com) 


If using LDAPS

Ports 636 and 3269 

Azure Central US 


Azure East US 




List of applications to be whitelist by Endpoint Protection: 

  • This is applicable if strict policies are enforced by endpoint protection software which restricts the execution of the applications.  

The applications can be found in the AUTHX installation path Installed Exe’s: 

  • AuthX.Config.exe 

  • AuthX.Device.Data.exe 

  • AuthX.Device.Service.exe 

  • AuthX.Migrate.exe 

  • AuthX.Svc.exe 

  • AuthX.Win.App.exe 

  • AuthxLogsCollector.exe 

  • AuthXNativeMessagingApp.exe 

  • AuthxServicesMonitor.exe 

  • AuthXupdater.exe 

  • CleanConfigUtility.exe 

  • LaunchCompletionNotifier.exe 

  • LockScreenUtil.exe 

 List of ports to be whitelisted or unblocked in local system 


Port (TCP) 



  • Authx Services listens to commands from its applications on this port at the address 

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