AuthX Integrations

AuthX – WordPress Integration


AuthX WordPress Plugins enables two-factor authentication for WordPress Logins.

AuthX Factor Support

AuthX for WordPress Plugin support these factor types for 2FA:

  • Push

  • Phone – SMS & Call

  • Face Push

  • Palm Push

To Begin with AuthX portal

  1. Sign up for an AuthX account from here,

  2. Navigate to UsersAdd your first user to AuthX. The username / email which you are creating here should also be the same in WordPress user.

    1. Ensure the registered user email should be valid email id

    2. To pick the correct Country code for Phone number

    3. Registered user should receive an Enrollment email to activate the account.

    4. Enroll the required authentication factors for registered user – Push, Face Push, Palm Push.

  3. Navigate to Applications tab

  4. Click Protect an application and select Protect for WordPress

  5. Provide your inputs on the Application Name, Authentication type, Description, Policies & Groups

  6. Save the application.

  7. For further configuration, note down the Application settings details of WordPress from AuthX portal → Protected WordPress application

AuthX WordPress Plugin Setup


  1. Login to WordPress account.

  2. To add users in your WordPress account, kindly follow the below steps

    1. Go to Users-> Add New

    2. Fill in the details

      1. Username – Input the same username from AuthX portal

      2. Email – Input the same Email from AuthX portal

      3. Do fill other fields & save the user.

      4. Make sure to note down the given username & password for further logins

      5. Go to Users-> All users and make sure the created user is available here

Plugin Setup:

  1. Go to Plugin tab

  2. Select Add new and then choose Upload New

  3. Download the AuthX WordPress Plugin from here,

  4. Upload the AuthX WordPress Plugin and select Install Now

  5. Select Activate Plugin

    1. Plugin activated successfully.

  6. Now select Plugin Settings.

  7. Input the Application Settings values here which was noted above in To begin with AuthX portal → Step 6

    1. Application ID – Map Application ID from AuthX here

    2. Application Key – Map Application Key from AuthX here

    3. Application URL – Map Application URL from AuthX here

  8. Save the application and Logout

WordPress Login with AuthX security

  1. Login to the WordPress application (With registered username / email) and you can see the AuthX authentication factors.

    1. On hover of Phone, you can see options for SMS and Call.

  2. After successful authentication, it redirects to WordPress Dashboard.

Network Diagram