AuthX Portal Guide


(Role required for full access: Owner, Administrator, Application Manager, User Manager, Help Desk, Read Only, or EPCS Enroller)

After successful Login, user will be redirected to the Dashboard. The Dashboard gives an overview of AuthX data and usage. Dashboard is visible to Admin roles only.

Admin View Dashboard

All admins can view the whole company’s activity on the Dashboard.


  1. Total Users: Number of active users available in the current account.

  2. Granted Authentications: Number of successful authentications into the portal while logging in.

  3. Total Admins: Number of active admins available in the current account.

  4. Total Groups: Number of groups available in the current account.

  5. Denied Authentications: Number of denied authentications into the portal while logging in.

  6. Authentication Fulfilled: Granted authentications / Total number of authentications *100

  7. All the authentication charts and logs should be from the last 24 hours.


A chart which gives time-based authentications for the last 24 hours.

X- axis represents the time range in 24 hour format (12 AM- 5 AM; 5 AM- 10 AM; 10 AM- 3 PM; 3 PM- 8 PM; 8 PM- 12AM).

Y-axis represents the number of authentications (granted and denied).

New Arrivals

The new arrivals section displays a list of newly created users & admins. The list has the following fields:

  1. Username: The user’s respective username.

  2. Email: The user’s respective email address.

  3. Role: The type of role each user has.

  4. Status: Whether the user is active or inactive

Authentication Factor Distribution

The Authentication Factor Distribution shows which authentication factors users utilized in the past 24 hours . The different authentication factors are: Push, Face Push, Face, Fingerprint, RFID, TOTP, SMS, Call, Email and Pin. This distribution includes granted and denied authentications.

Application Activity

The Application Activity section shows the number of authentications with the integrated applications for the last 24 hours. The different applications are: OpenID, LDAP, Microsoft RDP, SAML, Zoho, Sumo Logic, Google, Windows,, and Open VPN.

Mobile Devices

The Mobile Devices section shows total enrolled devices and the breakdown of which type of device platform are being used . The platforms are: Android, iOS, and Others

Others – Accounts activated via OTP method will get tracked here