AuthX Portal Guide

Device Management

(Role required for access: Owner, Administrator, Application Manager, Help Desk)

Device Management categories are Mobile Devices and Windows Management.

Mobile Devices

  1. In the Mobile Devices section, the total count of enrolled devices is displayed, as well as the breakdown for each device platform. The device platforms are: Android, iOS, and Unknown

    1. Android: account activated by scanning QR code on Android

    2. iOS: account activated by scanning QR code on iOS device

    3. Unknown: any account activated by the Generate OTP method

  2. There are 7 rows giving details of each mobile device registered and activated.

    1. Phone Number: The respective account’s phone number

    2. Username: The respective account’s username

    3. Mobile OS: The respective account’s activated mobile device operating system

    4. Model: The respective account’s activated mobile device model

    5. AuthX App Version: The respective account’s current AuthX app version

    6. Updated Date: The respective account’s most recent update details

    7. Action: Option to edit respective account’s phone number

Windows Management

  1. Windows Management section will showcase the Windows logon details for the active users connected to the account.

    1. The section contains the following fields:

      1. Device Name: Respective account’s device name

      2. Username: Respective account’s username details

      3. Name: Respective account’s name details

      4. Activity: Actions made by respective account such as:

        1. System Lock

        2. Unlocking via enrolled authentication factors

        3. System Unlock

      5. Authentication factor: Which authentication factor the respectivev account used to unlock the system

      6. Device status: Tracking device status here.

      7. Time Stamp: Respective activity Date and Time details will be tracked here

    2. Export – Option to export data into CSV file