Identity Provider

An Identity Provider integrates any third-party applications with our SAML applications

Identity Provider Setup

  1. Login to AuthX Admin portal.
  2. Go to Identity provider menu

  3. Identity Provide grid has following columns
    1. Name – Respective IDP name displays
    2. Status – Active / Inactive
    3. Action – Edit & Delete
  4. Click Add Identity Provider

  5. Provide your inputs on the following fields
    1. Name: Provide your name
    2. Issuer Name: Provide your Issuer name
    3. Description: Provide your Description
    4. Identity provider login URL: Provide the Identity provider Login URL from the respective application
    5. Identity provider logout URL: Provide the Identity provider logout URL from the respective Application
    6. Authn Request Signed – Yes or No
    7. Want Assertion Signed – Yes or No
    8. Status – Active or inactive
    9. Certificate – Respective application certificate to upload here
  6. Save the application

SAML as IDP with Okta & Google

Refer Here – https://help.authx.com/saml-configuration-for-google/

Note: Also you can try this IDP setsps with other SAML applications as well

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