Import Hardware Tokens from a CSV

The Import Hardware Tokens feature is used to import batches of new hardware tokens.


AuthX Import Hardware Tokens tool imports user information from a properly formatted comma-separated values (CSV) file. This streamlined process makes it easy to create hardware tokens at the same time.

CSV import values should include Device Id. Manage hardware tokens created via import from the AuthX Admin Panel immediately after being created.

Role Required: Owner, Administrator and User Manager.

Creating the CSV File

The CSV file can include single data field for each AuthX user.

Allowed Fields

The fields allowed in this CSV file are:


Device ID

The AuthX device id may include alphanumeric and special characters.

CSV File Format

Here is a sample CSV file that you can use as a template for creating your own.

The CSV file size should not exceed 1 MB. If you need to import many hardware tokens, split the information up into multiple CSV files of 1 MB or less and import each one separately.

Importing Hardware Tokens

  1. Login to AuthX Admin portal

  2. Go to Authentication Devices → Click Hardware tokens on the left panel

  3. Click the Import Hardware tokens button on the top right corner.

  4. Before uploading a CSV, refer the sample file & the documentation.

  5. Choose the Device type of the Hardware token

  6. Now click the Browse button, to upload your CSV file and select it.

  7. If the CSV file has no errors, the hardware tokens will be added successfully

  8. If the CSV file contains any invalid column name, we will prompt the following error.

  9. Correct the column name and try to import the CSV file again.

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