Authx User Manual

Remote Device Management

A feature to enable the users to lock or unlock their devices from the AuthX mobile app. The scope includes updates in

  • AuthX Windows agent

  • AuthX mobile app

System Requirements

Minimum requirements for client and server versions.

  • Windows 10 1709 and above

  • Server 2016 and above

  • AuthX mobile app – Android & iOS (V 2.9 and above)

AuthX Windows Agent updates

Remote Device

  1. The respective logged in user can manage the remote lock / unlock functionality in Windows agent app

  2. Load the tray from the Windows menu bar

    1. Check if you find an AuthX icon

    2. Right click on the AuthX icon from the tray and select User Configuration to proceed the AuthX authentication factor enrollment

  3. Go to Authentications tab and you can find an option for Remote Lock / unlock

  4. Only if this is Enabled, the logged in user can able to see the Devices on the mobile app

  5. If its disabled – user can’t access this feature

AuthX Mobile app updates

  1. Open AuthX app from your mobile

  2. On the home screen you can see 2 tabs – Accounts and Devices

  3. Select Devices and you can see your device and it’s current status here when this remote feature is enabled

  4. You can use this Lock button to lock your device. We will prompt an confirmation based on the activity

  5. Now your device would be Locked and status is LOCKED

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