RPA Applications

RPA applications are used for AuthX Windows Agent.

The RPA applications which are created will be synced to AuthX Windows Agent & from the Agent app we can launch the RPA application with auto login.

RPA Application Grid

Following details will be displayed here,

  1. Application Name : Respective App name displays here

  2. Application Path : Respective Application URL displays here

  3. Status : Shows the Application Status – Active/ Inactive

  4. Created date : Application created date shows up here

  5. Action : Edit & Delete

    1. Edit – Update the Application details

    2. Delete – Respective application will be deleted

How to create an RPA Application?

  1. Click Add Application

  2. Provide your inputs on the following details,

    1. Application Type:

      1. Web – Related to Web applications

      2. Windows – Related to Program Files applications

    2. Application Name: Input respective Application Name

    3. Application path: Input respective Application URL

    4. Application Caption: Input respective Application caption / headline

    5. Username Placeholder: Input respective Application Username field placeholder

    6. Username Control Id: Input respective Application Username field “ID” (Inspect the field and get the ID value)

    7. Password Placeholder: Input respective Application Password field placeholder

    8. Password Control Id: Input respective Application Password field “ID” (Inspect the field and get the ID value)

    9. Submit Button Caption: Input the respective Application Submit caption / text

    10. Submit Button Id: Input respective Application Submit field “ID” (Inspect the button and get the ID / type value)

    11. Application Credentials:

      1. Domain Credential: RPA applications will be logged in based on the connected Windows agent user account.

      2. Application specific: While launching the RPA application from AuthX Windows Agent app, user will be provided with the Username & Password popup so the user can input the details & login

      3. Admin set credentials: Owner / Admin can set the Username & Password details for the respective application

    12. Enable 2 FA – Only if this is enabled the user can utilize the AuthX auth factors during the application login

    13. Logo – 250KB size allowed

  3. Save the application

AuthX Windows Agent → Launch the applications

  1. From the task bar, right click on the AuthX icon

  2. Select Update Settings to get the latest updates from Portal

  3. After the restart of AuthX Agent app, right click on the AuthX icon and choose User Configuration

  4. Use any of the auth factors to login to AuthX Agent app

  5. Navigate to Applications tab

  6. Select any application and launch it

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