Server Management

Server Management provides a quick view of connected Remote devices.

It also provides with an Authentication code which is available under “Actions” with the respective remote devices listed.

Authentication code would be utilized by the user when the remote login AuthX multi factor authentication fails.

Server Management Grid

Following details will be displayed here,

  1. Server Name : Connected remote machine server details displays here.

  2. Server IP : Connected remote machine Server IP details displays here

  3. Domain : Respective domain displays here

  4. Created Date : Remote Machine connected date shows up here

  5. Action : View the Authentication code value for the respective remote machine

AuthX Portal → Protect an RDP Application

  1. Go to Applications → Protect Application

  2. Search / select Microsoft RDP application

  3. Provide your inputs on the mandatory fields & save the application

  4. For further configuration, note down the Application ID, Application Key & Application URL details for RDP configuration

RDP Configuration on remote machine

  1. Connect to your VPN

  2. Connect to your remote machine

  3. Login to the respective machine

  4. Install this file

  5. Now go to File Explorer → C Folder → Program Files → AuthX → AuthX RDP Agent → Authx.RDP.Config.exe file

  6. Input the following details from AuthX portal → Edit RDP application (As mentioned in AuthX Portal → Protect an RDP Application-> Step 3)

    1. Application ID

    2. Application Key

    3. Application URL

  7. Save the configuration

  8. Now close the remote machine which was connected

RDP Launch with AuthX Multi Factor Authentication

  1. Connect to the remote machine where all the configurations are done

  2. Input the respective Username & password

  3. Now select any of the Auth factors to proceed with and login successfully

  4. Only if any Authentication gets failed, you can utilize this Authentication code value. Follow the below steps,

    1. Click on the AuthX icon for 3 times, to input the Authentication code value

    2. Now go to Portal → Server Management

      1. Click on the Action to get the Authentication code

      2. Verify any of the Auth factors here to view the Authentication code

      3. Now paste this Authentication code in the RDP login screen (Mentioned above in RDP Launch with AuthX Multi Factor Authentication → Step 4 a)

  5. Remote Login success

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