User Assignments

User Assignment is a section where we can assign the multiple users to the specific machine who can lock / unlock the system with their respective RFID cards assigned

User Assignments Grid

  1. The User Assignments grid consists of the following,

    1. Device Name : Respective Window’s device name to display here

    2. User Count : Assigned user’s count

    3. Group Count : Assigned group’s count

    4. Device Status : Device Active / Inactive

    5. Action : Option to update the Device details

  2. To add a new device, select Add Device

  3. Fill in the Details on the Add User Assignment page

    1. Device Name : Input your machine name

    2. User Name : Input your Windows Agent username

    3. Password : Input your machine password

    4. Users : Add the users to assign to this machine

    5. Group : Add the groups to to assign to this machine

  4. Click on Save.

  5. Please make sure to enroll the RFID authentication for the assigned users. To enroll RFID, follow the below mentioned steps

    1. Go to Users and select the respective assigned user.

    2. Edit the user and navigate to RFID section. Click Add RFID

    3. Place the card on the reader

    4. RFID card added successfully

  6. Now go to AuthX Configuration from the Windows search

  7. Navigate to Advance options and enable the Delegated User Management option

  8. Save the configuration

  9. Now lock your system and try to unlock your system with the assigned users RFID card.

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