User Delegation

User Delegation is a section where we can assign the multiple users to the specific SAML application

In addition to the main user login, even the multiple users which are assigned can also login to the respective SAML application.


  1. Make sure to configure the SAML application. Reference below,
    1. Google – Click Here
    2. Zoho – Click Here
    3. Sumologic – Click Here
    4. Office 365 – Click Here
  2. Also create an User in AuthX admin portal & it should be in Active state
  3. Do the above SAML setup & follow the below steps for User Delegation

User Delegation Grid

The User Delegation grid has the following details,

  1. Delegation Name: Respective delegation name to display
  2. User count: Respective assigned user count to display
  3. Group Count: Respective assigned group count to display
  4. Delegation Status: Respective user status can set to Active / Inactive
  5. Action: Respective user details can be updated

Add Delegation

  1. Go to Users > User Delegation
  2. Click on Add Delegation

  3. Redirecting to Add User Delegation Page

  4. Provide your inputs on following details,
    1. Delegation Name (Mandatory): Add your delegation name
    2. Email id (Mandatory): Enter your respective SAML application main user email address
    3. Users: Search and select the users which you want to assign
      1. Later you can view the assigned users while editing this respective user

      2. Also you can remove the assigned users

    4. Groups: Search and select the Groups which you want to assign
      1. To remove any assigned groups, follow the above mentioned steps.
  5. Click on Save

Assign User Delegation to SAML Applications

  1. Go to Applications and select any SAML application

  2. Go to Actions & select Edit

  3. Scroll down to go to the bottom of the page, under Policies you can find Delegation option
  4. Search for the created User delegation name and select it

  5. Save the application

Google Application Launch with User Delegation

  1. You can either launch the Google application from AuthX User portal or directly open the Gmail login, gmail.com
  2. Try to login as a main user / assigned user (While user activation, respective email & pwd to be used on Gmail login)

Note: Also you can try this User Delegation steps for other SAML applications as well.

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